A Forex Bonus Can be Very Tempting but are They Worth it? Read our Helpful Guide and Decide for Yourself

Forex BonusForex bonuses can be very tempting there’s no denying it. After all, why would so many Forex brokers use them to attract new customers, as well as keep regular customers loyal to their brand. Type ‘the best Forex bonus’ into any search bar and you’ll be amazed with the number of hits. The problem comes when you’re trying to decide whether they’re worth it, or whether to pass them by. But don’t worry, because solving such a conundrum is just one of the reasons we’ve created this page. Another is to provide all of you with information so you are better placed to make the right decision. We’ll be looking at the subject of Forex bonus brokers, unravelling the mystery being the top Forex bonus offers, and giving you some tips on how to find them. So let’s get the ball rolling with a brief explanation.

Broker Min Deposit Bonus Rating More
xm logo $ 5 $30 Non-Deposit Bonus ★★★★★

hycm logo $ 100 $5000 ★★★★★

24option logo $ 100 N/A ★★★★

easyforex logo $ 100 50% ★★★★

avatrade logo $ 100 40% ★★★★

fbs logo $ 1 $50 ★★★★

cmtrading logo $ 250 $100 ★★★★


Online Forex bonuses – What are they?

The number of brokers offering attractive bonuses is on the increase almost daily. It’s not a new idea, as many other services have been using them for years. In the case of Forex bonuses, quite simply they are promotions and special offers given by a range of different brokers in order to attract new clients or retain those who have already opened trading accounts. There are a range of different ones available and often require very little in exchange from anyone accepting the offer. But we have to say a large number of them do come with a catch, which is often very hefty. They usually involve certain terms and conditions or rules which have to be followed if you want to take advantage of the bonus or make any kind of withdrawal. Always take the time to read these very carefully, even though you might find them boring, as it is easy to get caught out. If there is anything at all you don’t understand get in touch with the broker and ask them to explain in layman’s terms. Each Forex bonus broker will have their own set of bonuses and they are never transferable. They tend to fall into one of three categories.

Welcome bonus

This is a very popular bonus aimed solely at new customers. If you already have a trading account you are not eligible to apply and it is a once only offer. This particular category includes sign up bonuses, welcome bonuses and any other type of offer designed with the new customer in mind.

Regular bonus

If you’ve already registered and opened an account with a broker you don’t need to feel left out as there are bonuses designed to keep you interested in a broker’s service. Regular bonuses include certain privileges and extras that aren’t usually available for new customers. As you would expect there are certain terms and conditions and these usually revolve around trading volumes and account balances.

Third party bonus

This type of bonus involves a third party and include such offers as the refer a friend bonus.
From this simple categorization we can now look at the various types of Forex bonus available.

Trading cash bonuses, free trades and prizes – A wealth of bonuses available

If you’re worried there won’t be a bonus to suit you then don’t be. There are so many different ones you’re bound to find one you like. Of course, we’re not going to tell you which one that is because the choice is a very personal thing. What we can do is give you all the pertinent facts, here and as part of our Forex broker reviews and then we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Our Forex reviews are also a great place to stay updated with the latest Forex bonus offers.
All the following types of bonus will be featured on a regular basis by a number of the top Forex brokers.

These are the main types of bonus available but there are a number of others available. These include:

So you thought there were only a few bonuses, and we don’t really blame you because welcome and no deposit bonuses are the one you see most. However, a number of Forex brokers have their own set of bonuses which are usually featured on an individual promotions page. Most don’t require a huge commitment but there are nearly always terms and conditions. You’re probably starting to wonder how you can find these top Forex bonuses. Let’s give you some tips to help.

Tips for finding the best Forex bonus

Our first tip will be to keep us as one of your favorites, because we’ll be featuring some of the best brokers in our reviews section, and will always take the time to mention any promotions. But there are a few others ways to keep yourself informed.

Bonuses are great for newbies and experienced traders alike, They are definitely worth serious consideration. We always like to be fair to our readers by being totally honest and upfront about not just the benefits but the disadvantages too. So, before we finish we’ll look at the downside of Forex bonuses, because unfortunately there is one.

The downside of even the best Forex bonus

One thing that struck us when undertaking our research was the number of disgruntled customers there were who were having or who had had serious problems with Forex bonuses. More often than not, they featured issues with making a withdrawal. And is in fact, one area where many new traders get their fingers burnt. However, it is usually the case that they failed to read and understand the rules of the bonus and hadn’t met the requirements before requesting some of their funds. If there is a downside then the terms and conditions feature heavily. Which is why we will remind traders time and time again to make sure they read and understand them.